Sanjeevani Scheme – Village Health Outreach Programme, Assam

Sanjeevani Scheme 2020-2021: Assam govt has started the village health outreach programme to provide screening of diseases and diagnostics in the remote rural areas.

Sanjeevani Scheme - Village Health Outreach Programme, Assam 2020-2021
Sanjeevani Scheme 2020-2021, Assam

Under the scheme, almost 80 Mobile health units (MHU) has established and each MHU consists of registration and measurement officer, ANU, Laboratory technician, Pharmacist, Paramedic and driver. Diagnostics undertaken on those MHU’s are for diseases like hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, etc.

Sanjeevani Scheme 2020 Details

A unique initiative has been taken by the Assam govt to provide healthcare services to rural people under the Sanjeevani Scheme. Several diagnostics and screening of communicable, non-communicable and lifestyle diseases are taken in the remote areas of the state.

SchemeSanjeevani Yojana
BenefitsDiagnostics of several diseases on remote areas

Benefits of the scheme

The major benefits of this scheme are the initiative taken to provide diagnostics of various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, etc to the remote places on Assam.

In between the pandemic, people cannot buy their medicines or they are not available in their locality, so Assam govt has opened Dhanwantari scheme for free medicine delivery in the state.

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Further benefits are listed here-

  • Covering those areas in the state that are currently not covered under the National Health Programs.
  • Diagnostics of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy etc.
  • To enhance the individual health status on the state.
  • Continuous counselling and social mobilization through the involvement of village-based institutions and functionaries.
  • Motivation and behaviour change programme undertook to avoid chewing pan tamul, tobacco, gutkha, alcohol, etc.
  • Treatment of chronic and minor ailment of the govt health points.

Eligibility of the scheme

As far no eligibility criteria have been given for this scheme but the scheme is limited to certain facilities only. I mean, if anyone wants to have diagnostics of diabetes then he/she can visit those centres and take checkup. The aim of the scheme is to provide the services to the remotest place of Assam. However, for any health checkup, Govt health centres are open in every village. Those who want to free checkup can take help of ASHA workers near you.

How to apply for Sanjeevani Scheme 2020?

There is no online application process available for the Sanjeevani yojana, further, those who want to avail the benefits of the scheme should visit the government health centres near you.

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Facilities provided to this scheme

Under this programme, 80 Mobile Health Units were started and each MHU will have Measurement Officer, ANM, Laboratory Technician, Pharmacist, Paramedic and Driver. Each Mobile Health Units provided various equipment, those are a laptop with VHOP application software, biometric scanner, basic diagnostics equipment like HB meters, Gluco-meters, Manometers, Digital BP, consumable to spot test random blood sugar, Urine albumin, HB, etc. and medicines.

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