Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021 | UGC Life Skills for Students

Jeevan Kaushal Scheme: Human Resource Development Minister of India, Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank started this Life Skill scheme under University Grants Council for the undergraduate students.

Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020-2021, UGC Life Skills for Students

Under this Life Skills Curriculum scheme, various courses are coved like communication skills, professional skills, leadership & management. However, their motive is to build a person’s ability to deal with anything & overcome their fear.

Jeevan Kaushal Scheme Details

University Grand Commission has launched a Life Skill or Jeevan Kaushal scheme where a person can overcome their fear of communication, risk-taking, or deal with something. Basically, they have 4 courses and syllabus where undergraduate students can learn various outer skills.

SchemeJeevan Kaushal
DeptUniversity Grant Commission (UGC)
Year2020 – 2021
RegionIndia, Every State
BenefitsSeveral courses to tackle with Life Skills

Eligibility of the Scheme

As far no eligibility criteria set for the scheme but the aim is to enhance the skills for undergraduate students. However, any students can avail the skills or learn the courses under Jeevan Kaushal Scheme.

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Benefits / Objectives of the Scheme

Basically, under the Jeevan Kaushal scheme, four different courses are available to boost the Life skill of the student. You can check the complete objectives and benefits here-

  1. To improve one’s ability to be completely self-aware by helping oneself to overcome all fears as instabilities and to grow fully from inside and outside.
  2. This scheme aims to provide a chance for realizing one’s potential through effective experience.
  3. Jeevan Kaushal of UGC will enable oneself to set appropriate aims, manage stress and time in an efficient way.
  4. To increase one’s experience and knowledge of emotional competency and sensitive intelligence at the place of study/work.
  5. The new Curriculum for Life Skills will improve interpersonal skills and acquire good leadership behaviour for the empowerment of self and others.
Scheme Notification under University Grant Commission

Courses List under Jeevan Kaushal Scheme

As I have said, there are four types of courses provided to improve the life skill of a person. Those courses are-

  • Course 1 – Communication Skills
  • Course 2 – Professional Skills
  • Course 3 – Leadership Skills
  • Course 4 – Universal Human Values
Courses details and timings of the jeevan kaushal yojana

What you will learn at UGC Jeevan Kaushal (Life Skill Programme)?

There are six most important points you will learn while acquiring the UGC Jeevan Kaushal Scheme. Those life skills aims are-

  • Gain Self Competency and Confidence
  • Practice Emotional Competency
  • Gain Intellectual Competency
  • Gain an edge through Professional Competency
  • Aim for a high sense of Social Competency
  • Be an integral Human Being
Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020 update

How to apply for the Jeevan Kaushal Scheme 2020?

If you want to learn any course under this scheme then you must visit the nearest skill India programme. If you can find then you can also check the UGC website and find the nearest portal. However, they have their contact details where you can call at there preference. All these are given here.

Check out scheme e-book under UGC.

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