Assam Silpi Sambardhana Scheme | Bhramyamam Theatre Silpi Aru Kala-Kushali Achoni 2020

Assam Silpi Sambardhana Scheme: Govt of Assam has decided to provide ₹ 50,000 grant to 2000 artists & technician of Bhramyamam Theatre.

Assam Silpi Sambardhana Scheme, Bhramyamam Theatre Silpi Aru Kala-Kushali Achoni 2020
Assam Silpi Sambardhana Achoni 2020

Under the Cultural Affairs of Assam and direction of CM Sarbananda Sonowal, Silpi Sambardhana scheme is launch under which Bhramyamam Theatre Silpi Aru Kala-Kushali, artists and technicians will receive ₹ 50,000 each. Check out who is eligible for this scheme.

Assam Silpi Sambardhana Achoni Details

As per the Ministry of Cultural Affairs Naba Kr Doley, financial assistance of amount ₹ 50,000 will to provide to 2000 Silpi Aru Kala Kushali under the Silpi Sambardhana Achoni & Bhramyamam Theatre Achoni.

SchemeSilpi Sambardhana Achoni
Year2020 – 2021
BenefitsRs. 50,000 grant to 2000 artists & technicians
Silpi Sambardhana Achoni 2020

Eligibility of the Scheme

To be eligible for the scheme, you need to qualify for the given criteria. Check out the complete requirements under this scheme. First criteria are that the beneficiary should be an artist.

  1. Artist or technician’s age should below 35 years.
  2. Voter ID, PAN Card, Admit Card or other govt authorised age proof need to submit.
  3. An annual income of the beneficiary should be less than ₹ 5 lakhs.
  4. The beneficiary need not be a pension holder.

Benefits of the Silpi Sambardhana Achoni

As I have said above that the total amount of benefit received by the artists and technicians is ₹ 50,000 for each. As far so 2000 artists & technicians are selected for the grant under Silpi Sambardhana Achoni. However the amount is an only one-time payment, aims to promote the cultural activities in Assam.

Silpi Sambardhana Achoni Assam 2020

How to apply for the Assam Silpi Sambardhana Achoni?

Those who are artists and technicians related to the cultural attires of Assam need to apply online on, or you can submit the application form at “Rabindra Bhawan, Aambari, Guwahati-1“.

You will get the complete information after you check the Department of Cultural Affairs of Assam website. Furthermore, the application form is shown below-

Silpi Sambardhana application form

Documents required with the application process

Some important documents are required for the application process and those documents list are-

  • Voter ID, PAN Card, Admit Card or other govt authorised age proof.
  • Any music-related certificate needs to be attached with the application.
  • A selected list of beneficiaries published in a newspaper needs to be cut-out and attached with the application.
  • Bank account details, Income proof, Age proof are needed.

Selected Candidates names are to be announced on the local Newspaper of Assam.

Silpi Sambardhana Achoni twitter image

Assam govt to provide Rs. 50 thousand each as one time grant to 2,000 artistes & technicians of the state under ‘Silpi Sambardhana’ & ‘Bhramyaman Theatre Silpi Aru Kala-Kushali Achoni’; Min of Cultural Affairs Naba Kr Doley informed that his dept would soon implement the scheme.

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